• MiniBook Necklaces :: Bookmaking + Fashion

    We sure have fun making our popular MiniBook necklaces! Each mini-book is created with small pieces of fine art paper torn by hand in our studio. Hand-torn paper edges give our MiniBooks that special hand-made look, and we absolutely love it. 

    We crease the fold of each hand-torn piece of paper with a bone folder. This is how we start preparing our signatures for sewing.

    We follow our small punching guide and punch two little holes in each folded set, also called "signatures" in bookbinding. Yes, our MiniBooks are small, but we still care about craftsmanship and those little details, so we actually measure, align, and do our best to create neat and well-crafted pieces.

    The spine of each of our sewn text blocks is reinforced with bookbinding glue and headbands. Once our mini text blocks are finished, the time for jewelry design begins!

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