• MiniBooks and Sensuede Covers

    We are excited to announce that our MiniBook collection has new additions!
    Have you noticed the soft and elegant touch in our NEW MiniBook necklaces? Well, we have recently introduced MiniBook covers that look like suede but they are actually created using Sensuede, a fabric that is entirely made of recycled microfibers and that, in addition, is a cruelty-free alternative to suede.

    Easy to clean, stain resistant, and beautifully designed! Sensuede fabric goes beyond just looking and feeling like suede, it is one of the most ecologically friendly products you will ever find because it is free from environmental toxins, pesticides, carcinogenic, and allergy-induced dyes. Remember, our commitment to our customers and to ourselves is to offer unique and responsibly created products.

    Important: Unfortunately, and due to differences in screen calibration, the color of our MiniBook necklaces may not accurately display on your screen.



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