• Creative California Map Prints

    Our new creative map prints are definitely an interesting way to show our state pride! The process was a bit longer than expected, but we sure enjoyed every step in the making of these creative map prints. Here's how it all started:

    creative map prints yoyen designs california

    A World Atlas, pencil, paper, computer, a magnifier glass... and let's the research begin! State counties, boundaries, national parks and monuments, lakes, caves, volcanoes, beaches, wineries, etc, etc, etc...

    We tried to accommodate as many cities and major points as possible on this typographic design shown below. The greatest challenge was placing each city name as accurately as possible according to its geographical location while incorporating interesting font combinations. Confirmed once more... we love typography!

    california creative typographic map print by yoyen designs

    And after gathering so much research, we decided to try a second and different approach. What could possibly be better than a hand-rendered design? Watercolor was without a doubt the way to go... here's the final concept:

    watercolor california map print by yoyen designs

    Available now in our Prints collection!! You can also find these creative map prints in local stores in the San Diego area. Stay tuned! New and exciting map prints are being created right now...

    Thank you all for your support!

    These map prints are not intended for educational, navigation, or legal purposes. Each map design is merely a creative expression by the artist; therefore, these map prints are not a formal representation, are not to scale, and all features and names depicted are approximate. We reserve the right to modify/edit our designs without notice. The reproduction of these artworks is strictly prohibited.

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