• Miniature Book Necklace Process...

    We love miniature books! 

    We only use fine art paper to make these little books. These 100% cotton paper signatures are ideal for wet media like fountain pens or watercolors, allowing you to personalize your miniature book pages.


    Each folded signature is about 1.25" wide by 1.5" high, and we use about 5 groups of mini folios in each book. We measure and punch two holes in each section with an owl to start sewing.


    Kettle stitch is great for this mini book style, and we love the look of the final result!


    The finished book block looks like this...


    Leather or vinyl are great for covers and they need to be just a bit bigger than the book block. For that final and special touch, we like to add charms and findings that can be attached with jump rings, and of course, a chain or leather cord!

    The options to create these mini book necklaces are endless! Don't forget to see the final look of this new cute handmade accessory in our shop!




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