• Cadet Blue MiniBook Necklace MBCB-101

  • Cadet Blue
    Miniature Book Necklace MBCB-101 

    Wearable art! This MiniBook necklace is not only cute but actually functional! You can use it as a fashion statement, to draw or write in, even to keep your baby's dated fingerprints... the possibilities are endless. Never let a thought go unwritten again!

    The paper used to create this mini book is made from 100% cotton fibers. This acid-free fine art paper is used for watercolor, printmaking, pen-and-ink, pencil, or pastel so you can actually write or draw in... it is wearable art!

    Handmade with care in our studio. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the quality of each product. Free shipping, everyday!

    Important: Because our MiniBook Necklaces are made by hand and one at a time, products may vary from the image featured and may present minor differences. Each piece is unique!

    Book size: 1 1/4"wide x 1 3/8"high approximately. This MiniBook contains five hand-bound signatures, about thirty-six pages stitched together to write or draw in.

    Cover: Vegan, faux suede

    Chain Color: Antique yellow

    Charm: Antique yellow key charm. Blue Lapis.

    Chain length: 32" long approximately.

    A MiniBag is included with your purchase!

  • $29.95

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  • Cadet Blue MiniBook Necklace MBCB-101
  • Cadet Blue MiniBook Necklace MBCB-101
  • Cadet Blue MiniBook Necklace MBCB-101

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