• Ebony Black Petite MiniBook MBEB-201

  • Ebony Black Petite MiniBook. Two-way Toggle Necklace.

    An even smaller version of our already popular miniature book necklaces. This necklace design can be worn two different ways, short or long. To wear the short way, double up and fasten with the toggle closure sliding it through the ring that holds your petite mini-book. Wear it long for a 34-inch long necklace.

    Handmade with care in our studio.

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    Book size: 3/4"wide x 7/8"high approximately. About twenty-two pages stitched together. This book is 100% hand-bound.

    Cover: Vegan, faux suede

    Chain Color: Antique Bronze

    Chain length: Short way 17" approximately. Long way  34" long approximately.

  • $37.95

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